About Us


Who We Are

Kids That Care Club (KTCC) is a division of Rose Academies, is located in Santa Clara, California and is a volunteer based organization. We are advocates for the global goals: good health & hygiene, quality education, gender empowerment, and clean water and imiproved sanitation for all.

We attend events, work with schools in the development of community service We are concerned citizens that want to see a better world for future generations.



Educating Youth Around the World

We selected the objectives from the Sustainable Development Goals to create a series of lesson plans that are appropriate for different grade levels.

The lessons not only educate the students about life in Africa, but they encourage group discussions. We believe that it is equally important for our youth to understand about the problems that exist in other countries as it is to learn about our own problems. Our lesson plans cover importance of water and sanitation, chronic diseases and how they can be prevented, cultural clothing attire, and more.


Join us as we advocate for quality education for all children worldwide.

Kids That Care Club Members are our advocates. Kids care and so do we. Help us to make a change.

Kids That Care Club (KTCC) is a division of Rose Academies, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization.